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Alphabetized Index to BOB's Downloads

A more-or-less alphabetical index to BOB’s Downloads – Last updated: 6/22/2009 (Marek Chladny)

Add joins to universe / joins to contexts using Designer SDK – author Dwayne Hoffpauir
BCA Auditing and Reporting – author unknown
BO 6.5.1 and LDAP implementation Document – author rsekar
BO Technical Questions - Developer Interviews – author MikeD
BOE XI Migration Plan – author MikeD
BO XI R2 Bulk User-Group Management Tool – author Kalyan Tirunahari
BOXI Password Reset Self-Serve UtilityBOXIR2 (with most Java App servers – author Kalyan Tirunahari
BOXI UserList & Group Extraction tested on BO XI R2 – author julienbras
Bridging IIS 6 and Tomcat 5 – author Kris Embrey
Bulk Delete User Documents – author Sheshachala5
BusinessObjects Animated Cursor
BusObj Repository Universe for SQL Server 2000 for v. 6.x – author Doug Newton
Capture a “snapshot” of a data provider – author Dwayne Hoffpauir
Change Display of User name to Account Name (XI R2) – author EnterpriseArchitect
Change Source Universe for Multiple Documents – author Jean-Francois Cayron
Changing User Preferences to a Default Home Page in XI R2 – author EnterpriseArchitect
Clone variable between data providers for XI r2, perhaps for 6.5 – author vilmarci
Copy Data Providers / Copy Report Variables version 2.2 for 5.1.8, another version for XI – author Dwayne Hoffpauir
Create an InList from an Excel spreadsheet for v6 (and XI?) – author Dwayne Hoffpauir
Create Class and Objects Automatically for XI r2 – author Gaurav_Sethi
Create report tab and filter for each value for v5, should work in higher versions – author Dwayne Hoffpauir
Custom Webi Prompt using VBScripts/Javascript – (for XI?) author Prabhat Kumar
DeskI Documents Inspector for XI r2 – author Marek Chladny
DI XI R2 crashs when saving reports WORKAROUND – author GuillaumeA
DLL to calculate Six Sigma – author Devendra Patel
DLL Extension for time/date functions – author Ken Gaul
Document a universe using Excel and the Designer SDK different versions for XI r2, 6.5 & 5.1 – author Dwayne Hoffpauir
Document Converter – authors OliverV and Avaksi
Document universe connection details for XI, another version for 5.x that may work for 6.x – author Dwayne Hoffpauir
Excel utility with several lists – author Adrián BO_Worker
Export Report Tabs to MS Excel – author unknown
Formulas in the Business Objects Reporter Module – author Suzanna Rahimi
Full Client and Webi Documents Percentage – author Jai Gupta
Graphing Linear Trend Lines – author Walter Muellner
How to Connect Apache with Tomcat for XI R2 – author Ravi Singh
Integrating Active Directory with Business Objects XI R2 – author EnterpriseArchitect
List objects used in a series of reports for XI r2, another for v. 5.x/6.x – author Dwayne Hoffpauir
List Objects Used in a set of Documents – author Dave Rathbun
List report level variables in full client reports - Author Dwayne Hoffpauir - written in v5, but also seems to work in v6 and XI.
ManagerO universe / Repository documentation – also includes Repository Reference for 5.1.x – author Business Objects
Mass Deski report runner DeskI XI R2 – author vilmarci
Mass update to object names / descriptions for legacy (v5? / v6?), another version for XI – author Dwayne Hoffpauir [also see New ver of Mass Updating object descriptions in universe for XI r2 – author robbinma4 ]
Mass Updating object descriptions in universe tested with v. 5.1.5 – author robbinma4
Modified openDocument.jsp to change Title Bar for XI R2/Tomcat – author Jared Crabtree
Mysteries of the Universe – author Shannon Lee Wittal
New ver of Mass Updating object descriptions in universe for XI r2 – author robbinma4
Oracle SQL to display Users and Groups – author DCMatt
PeopleSoft Financials 8.8 treescripts – author TurningPointHolland
Recommended Repository Structure – author Cindy Clayton; author Charles A. Killam IV
Report Design Specification Template – author vijay.nair
Report on WEBI audit information – author Cindy Clayton
6.5.1 Repository universe for User/Group/Document & BCA – author beckster
Retrieve Report Statistics Macro – author Jim McGregor
SAP support portal guide – author Reporter Bloke
Security Repository Universe – author Cindy Clayton
Send Lotus Notes mail via VBA – author Michael E. Mayhew, Sr.
Send Mail via VBA – author Durgesh Das
Server Specification Template – author MikeD
Service Monitor Script - Perl for Windows Services for XI – author MikeD
Solving the Mystery of Data Provider Synchronization – author SteveBickerton
SQL scripts to create eFashion / Island Resorts databases – author Robert Metzker
The ultimate Date/Time universe – author gigi
Universe Documentation Generator for XI – author Terje Abrahamsen
Universe Documentor (Dwayne’s plus a few extras) – author SandiR
Universe Proj. Plan & Checklist – author MikeD
Update universe definition from database table – author Reema Gupta
Using BusObj Reporter as a data source for Excel / Access – author Dwayne Hoffpauir
Using Designer to Implement Row-Level Security – author Steve Krandel
Version 6 sizing guidelines – author irish_stan
Web Server Home page Redirection to Business Objects Logon for XI r2 – author EnterpriseArchitect
WebI/DeskI XI R2 Hyperlinking – author Prabhat
WID Scanner for XI r2 – author jbo –[Updated with version 1.1 8/14/2007] for XI R2 when using Tomcat – author Ravi Singh
XI 3.0 (Titan) Migration Plan - This project plan is a major rework of the previous version and covers all major components in installing and migrating to XI3 from BO6.5. – author Mike D
XI Document Schedules and Users Utility – author Kevin Morrell
XI R2 Architecture & Sizing – author EnterpriseArchitect

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