Bobj-board task list

I am listing here the various task I want to handle on this platform following the go-live. It’s mainly clean-up actions but also some small enhancement. Do not hesitate to comment below.

  • [ ] remove emojis imported from BOB that were already existing on Discourse. (like :mad: because the quality is better on Discourse emoji)
  • [ ] replace links to forum-topics to internal link like here
  • [ ] activate google auth (allow to login via your google account)
  • [ ] re-think categories organization (maybe less categories ? Discourse recommend to use a 2 levels categories maximum, not 3 like we have now + Uncategorized use to be the General Topics in BOB)
  • [] update the TOS, based on previous terms on BOB ?
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Julien, I have posted a retirement message on my blog that directs people here. I have also updated the BOB template that includes a link to this site. It’s a good start!

While I was writing my blog post I looked up some interesting facts. Did you know that BOB was older than the iPhone? The first iPhone didn’t come out until 2007, so BOB is five years older. What an amazing feat.

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Hello @DaveRathbun !

Nice to see you on this side :wink: ! Thanks for the links, let’s start a new community around BusinessObjects ; but I am not sure to run it for 18 years :

  • 2038: does BI still a subject ?
  • 2038: is Internet will be still the same ? pages, links and so on ?

This is so astonishing to keep the community for nearly 20 years with the original BOB community… I use to be a student back in 2002 :smile: Thanks again, and I hope to see you here sometimes !

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