BusinessObjects Board

Happy birthday bobj-board!

We are today Nov, 17th.


A bit more than one month ago (on Oct 15th) we have set to production the new website running on Discourse to replace forumtopics running on phpBB2.

A few figures of this first month of activity !

  • around 4300 unique users have sailed at least once
  • more than 400 user accounts created
  • only 42 new topics
  • lots of post-live actions have been done: Bobj-board task list
  • a minimal team of moderator have been set up

The migration have been a great step. The community is still here, even if there less posts or activity if we compare to previous years. There is still an amazing amount of knowledge inside the 200,000+ topics available here :wink:

The website is living because of the community, and is drived by the community. Let us know how you want yo use this ressource and we will try to find and setup the right solution. For example you are now able to mark a topic as solved, I hope it will help to identify the right solution (àla StackOverflow…)

Thanks !