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BOBJ BI4.2 User List and Group Extraction (via SPA)

Hello all,

I want to make a dedicated topic for this little tool that I have developed, coming from this post BOXI UserList & Group Extraction. It’s not a download, but as it can replace a previous tool coming from the downloads I think it deserve it 's own topic :wink:


I have created a very simple SPA (Single Page Application) powered by React.js that consume BOBJ REST api. It is designed to extract the complete list of users and groups, I have tested it for systems with around 5,000 users.

How to use it

Go to this application:

Provide your BOBJ REST URL (generally something http://bobj-server:6405/biprws/), your BOBJ user and your BOBJ password (currently it work only using Enterprise authentication)

Then click on Connect. It will call the right endpoint directly from your computer (no BOBJ data is sent over internet), and populate the user and group table below.

Then you can use the extracted data within any tool you want (copy paste to Excel for example).

Motivation ?

I have created by the past a similar tool (BOXI UserList & Group Extraction) based on Microsoft Excel, using VBA to consume BOBJ API. Today I do not have anymore Office on my laptop but still working with BOBJ, and I have some skills in frontend development using React.js. It’s an opportunity to test such application that does not rely on any backend (except your BOBJ REST API) :wink:

Questions ?

Let me know in this thread if this tool have helped you, if you have any issue with it. Thanks for your feedback, I will look forward to enhance it !

  • BOBJ version: The tool have been tested on BI4.2 SP7 and SP8. I think it work starting from BI4.2 SP0.
  • HTTP vs HTTPS the application is hosted under HTTP and not HTTPS because of blocked mixed content. As me if you need an HTTPS app for your HTTPS REST API!
  • Tracker: A Google Analytics tracker is installed to let me know how many user have used the tool, and how many fail/success login it generate. The tracker does not not track any BOBJ related information (system, user, password, user or group extracted)
  • Source Code: Code is available here, under MIT license. Let me know if you re-use this work, I will be happy to share it here !
  • check your CORS configuration, must be set to ´*´ How to enable CORS in WACS?


Version Date Comments
2022-01-09 Modify the host to full REST url
2021-01-18 Released as open source
1.0 2020-11-28 Initial release. Provide a tool to list users and groups.

Hi Julien,
i’ve tested your tool, it works fine.
Thanks for sharing it, and Ihope the sorce will be available soon.


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Thanks, It worked with my system and I got total: 5,939 items that’s correct. I would love to download it. so that I can run on production server 4.2 SP06.

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Hi @Surika,

I have released the source here ! I let you dig into the project. I will be happy to review bugs and pull requests !

Hi @zidres,

As it’s a web-application how do you want to download it ? I have just released the source on github here, but it’s not like a executable application. You can directly provide the production credential on (no bobj data will leave your computer, it’s all working as an offline application). Let me know if it work on your system !

Thanks, Julien I have downloaded it, The reason to ask you we have IT security on server and thought instead of running web-based I should download and run it from our server myself. I have another question. It is now extracted to all the users I need to select all then copy and paste to excel instead download in Excel I need to format it once copied.


Exact I have not managed the extraction output. You must copy/paste. One idea can be to generate a csv output (that can be imported in any tool later).

Ok, now it is an issue for me. I have 5000+ users and some of them are members of 3 to 4 groups at least and my file is too big when I select all the records page is not responding.

Hum that’s an issue. I will get a look,

I tried to use but ended with error:

Request failed with status code 404

I am able to ping the hosts server

What value do you provide in cms.local field ?

we have provide the IP only.

Can you test this in a browser:


Does it work ?

If it’s not working do you know if your WACS service is up and serving on port http 6405 ?

Thanks !

How long should it take? I get the users list quickly, but just spinning for the groups. I see the Everyone group shows up, but still waiting for the others.


How many users do you have ? Maybe I need to optimize the queries for getting the groups.
Thanks !

Only around 1,700 users

:thinking: that’s a pretty small count. Can you check if you have some network issue during the execution via the browser console ? Generally press F12 and you have a Network tab. You can spot issue also in the Console tab.

Thanks for your help !

I thinks it’s a issue with VPN possible blocking access. Don’t worry about it, is there. Way to stop it from waiting for user groups and just get the user ID’s? I can’t copy user when it is still trying to get the groups.

Hi Julien,

Did you get a chance to update it? I need to extract more than 5000+ users in an excel sheet.


Hi Julien,

We are unable to connect to the tools and we use 26405 port and below url works fine. How can i update the url in the code to get the tool working. Please advise. Thank you in advance.


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