BusinessObjects Board

Welcome to!

Welcome to BOB 2.0 aka. ! After 18 years :scream: of service, the rock solid but venerable phpBB2 forum on is now shutdown. A project have been launched to find a new home to this big amount of information around SAP Business Objects, and you just found it :wink:

Under the hood, it use Discourse as forum engine. It is quite different compared to phpBB but more adapted to current usages : mobile friendly, infinite topic pages, social auth available, url preview, internal messaging… (complete list here)

I hope that this project will allow to continue the BOB community. Do not hesitate to drop a message here if you have a question ! There is also a quick start guide available for previous BOB users.

The forum is now live :partying_face:, we consider the migration achieved with success, you can discuss of the migration project here if needed!