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Supression of error message "DataProvider empty"

I have a free hand sql DP (FH-DP) with folowing fragment in the WHERE clause.

…and (ca.config in @variable(‘Format (ALL):’)
or ‘ALL’ in @variable(‘Format (ALL):’))…

The Variable contains the user input.
The Query seems to work fine with single user selections, with multiple selection and with all “Formats” selected…

It also seems to work when “ALL” entered at the user Prompt (named ‘Format (ALL)’) although i get a “Data Provider delivers no data” message (translation form the german error mssg) during refresh.

Any workaround for that? Like an err. mssg. supression in this specific report?

BTW: I need to use the ‘ALL’ beacuse without, if there are more than 256 “Formats” in the LOV, the user can select max. 256 (or 255) different values and is unable to select all of them.

Or is there any option to set a default selection where all are selected. If the user does not enter anything, all values are selected by default. But it seems like Desktop Intelligence and Web Inteligence dont accept NULL inputs in user prompts at all.

prinzartus :austria: (BOB member since 2006-09-07)


Are you looking to supress the message that says no data fetched ?

have you checked if this helps?

Naresh Ganatra :us: (BOB member since 2004-04-09)

This FAQ entry has the solution to suppress the error message. Also you can try searching for much more answers.

BO XI 3.x has optional prompts feature.

Jansi :india: (BOB member since 2008-05-12)