No Job servers found.....ISJobServerGroup Profiling task Fail

Apologies for bringing this back up again but I’ve been trawling the web as much as I dare and no luck in resolving this issue:

Error message:
[E] No job servers found, so restarting the ISJobServerGroup.
[E] No JobServer in the Server Group: ISJobServerGroup available to run the job

etc. etc.

Additional information:

  1. Under AL_MACHINE_INFO : Servergroup_name = ISJobServerGroup
  2. Under Information Steward Application in CMC: Jobserver is listed
  3. Under DS Server Manager: Both DS Jobserver and IS Jobserver are listed
  4. I deleted IPS, DS and IS installations and reinstalled.
  5. version 14.2
  6. sql anywhere 17

Why the error? Am I missing something else??

Just an update:

tried the following but the problem remains:

I am really out of ideas now, failing the installation of a lower version…