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Minimising Query Panel bug (or maybe Windows NT bug)

Hi there

I have unintentionally minimised the Query Panel. Now I cannot get it back
by any means. It’s not a minimised box - it is gone. When I click the
button, all that happens is that BusObj loses focus. I regain focus by
hitting the ESC button. I found an old post describing a similar problem
with Citrix, part of the post went:

On a more technical note in speaking with the Citrix administrator, the
problem appears to lie in
the way that the query panel window is constructed (and thus treated by
operating system) - it
is seen as a ‘separate’ application rather than a ‘child’ of the BO

This is honestly what appears to have happened to me using Windows NT,
BusObj 5.1. In response to the above post, Dave Rathbun commented that:

…as to your original question … I don’t have an answer to that,
unfortunately. However, there is no
reason to minimize the query panel.

This sound advice and I promise to never minimise the Query Panel again :frowning:
although I know it works on other PCs. So for now I am waiting for a full
re-installment of BusObj and I would appreciate any advice to help me save
some red-tape time.

Thanks in advance

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A full re-install doesn’t always fix this - we had one user who suffered
this problem. There are two solutions one we came up with and one that I
read on the list a while ago which is much better.

  1. click on the query panel icon, now hold alt and press space. You
    should see the minimise, maximise restore etc pop up menu. Regardless of
    whether you see it or not, press x as in maXimise. Hey presto. If you
    don’t understand this, try it on a PC which has a working query panel.

  2. if you dig deep enough in the registry there is a setting with the
    coordinates for the query panel, you know something like 10,10,500,680.
    What happens is that one of these figures gets corrupted, i,e,
    10,10,99999999,680. So the query panel is still there but is being
    displayed two metres to the right of your screen.

the key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Business
Objects/BusinessObjects/5.0/Username User Prefs/Query Panel
and you want to look at main window.

good luck! Nick

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Immeasurable thanks!
We had just re-installed BusObj and the problem didn’t go away.
We were about to wipe out my NT log-on on my PC and start over.

Have a great day.

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