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CE10 secwinAD plugin is not initialized (IIS)

Crystal Enterprise 10
Windows Server 2003 R2
Web Client: IIS
Windows AD Security

Issue - using windows AD I am unable to log into crystal enterprise or central management console (CMC)

I am however able to use client tools such as crystal report and sucesfully log in using windows AD.

I am also able to add new groups in CMC. below is the detailed error that I receive.

I have never used IIS before if someone can help troubleshoot the issue I would appreciate it. I have been searching online and come across the document attached and checked the configurations.

Log into Crystal Enterprise Error: Security plugin error: an error has occurred in the plugin, but the plugin is unable to return a detailed message.

Webcompserver log file error: “secwinAD plugin is not initialized” also "false: initpackage failed for ad auth plugin)

CrystalMS log file error: “could not get limit for owner 1435 of object 2147880, using default cannot find the user, group or object 1435. unable to find object, can’t get parents”

Thank you for your time and help :slight_smile:
Installing And Troubleshooting The Active Directory Plug-in.pdf (220.0 KB)

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