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You cannot log on to an older version of the CMS error / SDK

Having a lot of code SDK / VBA using such instruction to create session :

Set SessionManager = CreateObject("CrystalEnterprise.SessionMgr")
Set esession = SessionManager.LogOn(tbName, tbPassword, tbCMS, "secEnterprise")
Set iStore = esession.Service("", "InfoStore")

Sometime, in laptop having both XI3 and BI4 clients tools, we could have issues when loaded vba library are not the one corresponding to the CMS targeted and we have to register the following DLL to correct it

But, recently, I installed Live Office with the same SP and Patch level of my BI 4.2 client and the previous code broke on this instruction with “Access denied. You cannot log on to an older version of the CMS.” error message.

No workaround found : the only way was to uninstall live office.

On another laptop having both bi42 and xi31, we face the same issue (automation error / Access denied. You cannot log on to an older version of the CMS) as the dll registered are the good ones.

Do you know another way to force BO to use the desired version (XI3/BI4) of session manager in code ??

bernard timbal :fr: (BOB member since 2003-05-26)

Which service pack of 4.2 are you using? There are MAJOR updates to the underlying security libraries starting with SP4. So, older versions of the client tools and anything written with the SDK will not be able to connect to SP4 without being upgraded to the new libraries and anything using the new libraries will not be able to connect to earlier versions of BOBJ.


hilfy :us: (BOB member since 2007-04-16)