XML Job Ladoing more records than existing

Hi Team,

I have given a xml file to load into a table. They have not provided me XSD.
below are the steps follwed

  1. created xsd online for the given xml
    2.i have used the xsd and xml to read data , i have created xml schema using xsd and imorted the xml file. over here when i click “view data” option i m getting xml parsing issue.
    Then i have validated both using freeformatinng.com
    3.used validated xsd and xml now i am bale to see data.

when i ran the job it is loading 60 lakhs records into table which not supposed to be.

question 1: what are all the possible reasons to get 60lahs records.
question 2: online will accept only 2 mb files, how to convert more sized xml file into xsd. (suggest best tool if any)

ETL Job:

xsd schema --> query (unnested the attributes)–>query1 (one to one mapping)–> temp table.

appreciate your responses.

murali353 (BOB member since 2011-08-11)

Can you give a specific example with pictures? fanfiction

lindatovar (BOB member since 2018-07-10)