XI R4 - Schedule Retries and Failure Log?

I love the ability in R4 where if you schedule a document via the CMC you can now have it email a notification upon success or failures as well as retry the report X number of times, but I ran into a small issue.

I scheduled a document the other day to run daily at 7:30 am. It delivers an Excel file to an exchange mail group.

I’ve set the notification to email me on failure, and for the system to retry up to 3 times at 10 minute intervals. (It’s a fast report).

For the last two days, the initial running at 7:30 has failed, generating the email, but the 2nd attempt succeeds.

The issue is, I cannot seem to locate any sort of log in the system to let me know WHY the first instance keeps failing. Normally I’d see the history in the schedule and click on failure and see the error message, but since it retried and succeeded the system only shows the success message.

Before I open a ticket with SAP I thought perhaps someone might know where I can look for the failure of the first instance. I didn’t have any luck with the Query Builder against the CMS but then again I’m not very good at that data model.

The other option is I can remove the retries, let it fail tommorrow and see what the issue is at 7:30. But I’m hoping it doesn’t come to this.

JPetlev (BOB member since 2006-11-01)


Did you ever raise a ticket with SAP about this?
And if so, what was the ultimate outcome?


Richard Reeve :uk: (BOB member since 2003-01-07)

Yes I opened a ticket quite a while ago and the response was less than satisfactory.

I was told that if retries is set to anything other than zero, then it only records the FINAL outcome of the scheduled object. So in my case where 2 tries fail, and the final succeeds, then it only records the success. No where in any log is a failure captured. (Stupid coding in my opinion).

I was told that in order to troubleshoot it, I’d need to set the retries to zero and see what the log said.

Now… I’m guessing you’ve dragged this thread from the dead because you have noticed that they have now changed this option screen. You can no longer have it write an audit event at all during scheduling, you can only have it email now. (They removed the two audit on failure/success checkboxes).

I have another ticket still being worked on to determine if the new audit screen in the CMC (for which they mentioned there is no documentation yet) will mimic the original features that appear to be removed entirely, or if they will give us the failures of all attempts as well as success/failures.

They are testing and will get back to me :stuck_out_tongue:

JPetlev (BOB member since 2006-11-01)


I am looking for similar root cause analysis on failed instances though following instances were successful. I also looked at SAP Note 1950247 to understand the new behavior in BOBJ 4.1 SP3 but still dont really get why it failed. Any pointers would be helpful.

Vamsi Ch

VamsiKrishnaCh (BOB member since 2009-08-12)

I know this is an “oldie” … but we’re still having issues with trying to understand why reports fail. So, I’m throwing the question out to this group -

When you schedule reports, are all of your schedule instances set with the “Number of retries allowed” value greater than 0? Is that considered best practice?

If no error message information is available on the preceeding failures when the schedule is finally successful, how do you resolve the issue at the root cause?

Thanks for any input you may have.

KelleyHux :us: (BOB member since 2002-07-05)