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XI 4.3 migration

We are on XI 4.2 sp 9 and planning to move to XI 4.3 sp3 . SAP says that if we move to XI 4.3 then it wont be possible for us to use XI 4.2 sp9 simultaneously as the license would be revoked. Can someone advise to which sp of 4.3 should we move to ?

BI 4.3 requires a new license key no matter which version or service pack you go to. If you have maintenance, you should be able to get a key from Support.

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Thanks for responding .I get your point ,but the main thing we would like to know is which sp of XI 4.3 should we move to ?

I can’t make a recommendation. It seems they all have some sort of issue. You need to find one that will work with how you use Business Objects.