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XI 4.2 and XI 4.3 client tools on the same system

We are doing XI 4.3 POC. We are testing it from our system in which XI 4.2 clients are already installed. Is it advisable to install XI 4.3 clients :IDT and UDT on the same machine parallelly . Also,both XI 4.2 and XI 4.3 servers are on different machines

The official statement is that the client tools can’t be installed in the same system. To test the client software it’s best to install them on a dedicated OS.

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You at least get a warning message if you try to install the client tools. It may even prevent you from doing so. I can’t remember if I tried to or not.

It did not give any error message when we installed rich client. However ,although we could log onto rich client ,it did not allow us to create or open any document.