Xcelsius limitaions


We have developed an interactive dashboard using Xcelsius.

The purpose of this dashboard is mainly for forecasting. This dashboard (html format) will be shared with multiple clients. They can input few values and see the result.

Xcelsius supports all of the above features. However; we have a requirement where in the user should be able to save the data entered and share the pdf/data back to us for further validation. This is where Xcelsius fails. We have provided Local Scenario Button to save the data, however; that is limited to the session and user. I believe this cannot be achieved using Xcelsius, hence curious to know if there’s any other tool which would support this feature. Can this be achieved using SAP Lumira?

Appreciate your help!


djagadish (BOB member since 2018-11-29)

The Local Scenario button is specific to the User, but not the session. So it saves the users selections on their laptop.
If that solution does not work for your needs, then I would suggest InfoBurst XDC which has a “Writeback” feature that lets you save user input to a database, which can then be pulled into the dashboard.
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RoxanneP :us: (BOB member since 2006-08-07)