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Wiki: Things to be added - do you want to?

adding content to the Wiki is quite simple and even if you do not feel comfortable with it, I can certainly help. But there are some areas in the Wiki where it would take me too long to setup the infrastructure or learn it whereas you might have used it already and have all the knowledge. It would be great if you could add that information, everybody will see right away who created the content and you will receive a lot of credit for it I am sure.

Here is a list of things I always wanted to do but haven’t had a chance yet

  • Scheduling: Joblauncher return codes
  • Scheduling: Using WebServices
  • Architecture and Installation: Moving to production
  • Performance of a real life SAP BW load
  • Performance of a real life SAP Extractor read
  • What are Job Server Groups and how are they used?
  • More information about real cases around BW, so more on the integration of the two
  • Reading Binary Files
  • RFC.ini feature and SNC in SAP
  • ABAP and Security
  • Information Steward Impact Lineage (ex Metadata Manager)
  • Information Steward Cleansing Package Builder
  • Information Steward Profiling
  • Information Steward Architecture and installation
  • Geocoding examples
  • Text Analytics examples

I have a four more, but these I need to do by myself, so really, you would help all of us if you can pick any of the above topics.

Werner Daehn :de: (BOB member since 2004-12-17)