Where is InfoViewApp in Business Objects 4

We’ve been using Business Objects XI 3.1 for a while. Now I’m trying to install Business Object BI 4 as the first step in upgrading to it.

It appears the install worked fine. However, I don’t see a link to the InfoViewApp in the start menu. I’ve tried typing in a web address similar to what it was for 3.1 but that didn’t work.

I did some more looking around and found something called BI Launch Pad. In it I found ‘Web Intelligence Application’ under a drop down labeled applications. We used InfoViewApp was used to create web intelligence documents. Do I now select this ‘Web Intelligence Application’ to use documents we’ve created in InfoViewApp and to create more web intelligence documents?


SkyeMacMaster (BOB member since 2013-05-15)

Yes, and even in XI 3.x and XI R2 and… well it was ALWAYS called WebIntelligence and InfoView was “just” the WEB PORTAL :slight_smile:

The Web portal has been rebranded as “BI Launchpad”, typical access URL is:


Andreas :de: (BOB member since 2002-06-20)


SkyeMacMaster (BOB member since 2013-05-15)