Where does the 'initial environment locale' comes from?

Hi experts,

I’m desperatly trying to find an explanation about where does the ‘initial environment locale’ (displayed in the first line of an execution log) comes from.

I’ve tried to modify settings through different ways (DS locale selector, server locales, job server service account locales…) but i didn’t find how to modify it.
That seems crazy because we have 2 other servers that have been installed the same way, and the ‘initial environment locale’ is different in their logs.
That’s why i’m wondering if it may be network related ?

If someone have an answer or a lead, that would be great.

It might be helpful to know what kind of server/s you’re running on. I see a number of posts regarding this same kind of question, as well as just setting the server locale in general, with reference to Linux/Unix installations.
I also see a number of posts regarding this same question that reference Data Quality jobs. Is it a Data Quality job that’s generating this message?

Thank you for your answer ht.

Sure, you’re right, I forgot to mention that our DS server is running on Windows Server 2016.

There’s nothing special about the jobs, just classic batch jobs, all showing the same ‘intial environment locale’ that I can’t tune.

I didn’t found anything about this neither online or in the offical docs :expressionless: