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Webi view options for HTML (Interactive) mode

Now that I got Webi 6 up and running, it’s time to read the manuals :smiley: In the Webi manual, there is screen shots for the ‘View’ option to set to “HTML (Interactive)”, but this is missing from mine. I installed Webi to run on ASP IIS, is this a JSP option only?

bwboxi (BOB member since 2002-09-05)

Yes, this requires JSP.

Blake Sanders (BOB member since 2002-08-29)


I am also facing the same problem in my case the option of interactive view is not showing the only show web and pdf,
so how can i enable interactive view webi.

Thanks. (BOB member since 2012-04-27)

You may check the user security in CMC->Applications->WEBI
There is an option you need to enable

summoner :hong_kong: (BOB member since 2008-12-18)


Can you Explain in more detail about this :+1: (BOB member since 2012-04-27)


Can you Explain in more detail about this :+1:

Go to CMC
Click “Applications”
Right Click “Web Intelligence”. Choose “User Security”
Click “Assign Security”
Click “Advanced” tab
Click “Add/Remove Rights”
Click "Application"0>“Web Intelligence”
Check the option “Enable interactive HTML viewing (if license permits)”

summoner :hong_kong: (BOB member since 2008-12-18)

Thanks :smiley: (BOB member since 2012-04-27)