WEBI - Show full year even if no data

Hopefully my question makes sense!

I want to create a graph that shows the full year, even if the date hasn’t happened yet.
The idea is that for 2021, it would show Jan to Dec, then as each month gains data, it would populate the graph.
I would also use this for 2021 to 2023, as the idea is a standard report for senior management will just keep adding data with no changes required.


I’ve no idea how to manage this though, as my data only gains a date once it has actually happened.

Support is appreciated :smiley:

Welcome to B :mrgreen: B @CoreyLFH!

You “might” be able to accomplish this by creating a dummy variable that lists all of your dates and then merging it with your date object on your report. Although, you may have to create this in a second data provider using free hand SQL.

I’m a system administrator and not so much a report developer so this answer is more of an “in theory” type of answer than one speaking from actual experience.

Hi Corey,

If you have BI 4.2 SP6, you can create Time Dimension objects from a Date field and specify Start and End Date (end can be a future date), and use those fields to plot the chart and it will show the future months even though there is no data yet.

Checkout Time Dimension details in this blog