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Webi Server hangs up - Need Advice.

Hi Everyone,

We have a very old version BO 5.1.3 environment. Our Webi 2.6.3 is running on Windows 2000 SP4. Everything was running fine. But lately our company decided to replace our antivirus from McAfee to Symantec. They pushed in Symantec vs 10.x and since then we starting having issues.

Everyday our server hangs up and we have to restart and some times even a power-cycle is necessary. But if we have Symantec services stopped our BO runs without any issues for weeks - virtually without any issues. Our system admin pointed out it could be CPU usage issue, but I have monitored it and its not overwhelmed, 5%- 35% on average.

So is there anything else from business objects side that I could do for example may be change some parameters of like say BOManager or BCA, that any body of us over here would know in order to test if the issue persists. If anyone has faced such bottleneck situations of this or of any other kind and have solved it would like to share?

I am aware that its a very old version and to me it is clearly to do with symantec push. As my system admin is totally baffled and to some extent believes its a BO problem-so i dont want to leave any rocks unturned.So any advice any suggestions would be greatly helpful.


edyl (BOB member since 2005-10-03)

Hi Edyl,

I experienced a similar issue with Business Objects 5.1.8, WebIntelligence 2.7.4 and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.

The cause of the problem was that the McAfee NetShield properties were set to scan both inbound and outbound files. Therefore every time a document was imported or saved to the hard disk, McAfee went to work and scaned the file for viruses.

The resolution was … In the McAfee NetShield properties, uncheck the option to scan outbound files on the server. Also,Disable virus checking on the Business Objects folder tree (on both E:\ and F:).

Perhaps you can find and change similar settings in Symantec …

Fud (BOB member since 2006-02-23)