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WebI Scheduled Instance History Issue

I’m having little annoying issue on custom access. I’m trying to create a group which allow users to schedule report in certain folder. Group has been created successfully. I’ve also assigned the “Schedule” default custom access to the folder so that went well too. Now, when I log in with the user account I can schedule the report and can see the the instance number/s. unfortunately, I don’t get any “history” option if I right click the report. I get all the options like 1. View latest instance 2. Schedule etc… but no “history”. I’ve so far created 10 instance.
I tried giving full control access to the folder so I could see the “history” in menu but I just don’t see it. I wanted to upload the excel file but the site didn’t allow me, it says “new user can’t upload file”. Let me if my issue isn’t clear.

|                                        BOBJ Custom Access Control Basic Rights<br>1. viewer -- All BOBJ users (Group_1) can view reports. No schedule right<br>2. designer -- Only Group_2 has access to edit/modify. No schedule right<br>3. f_admin --  Users who can maintain the group folder, can add/remove folder. No schedule right<br>4. scheduler -- users who can schedule report|||
|Folder|Group_Access|Custom Access|
|Public\C\10|Group_4|designer, f_admin, scheduler|