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Webi-report linked to Analysis-report

I have a Webi-report based on a bex-query with buildin user requests.
I want the webi-document-objects (for example a table) to work as a portal to a specific Analysis report.

Is it possible to use document-link and forward user requests from the bex query, as well a selected row-object from the webi report?

  1. Bex prompts for year.
  2. In Webi when using bex I add Customer, year and kpi in the presentation.
  3. In the webi-report I create a documentlink to an existing Analysis-report which is an Year, Customer, Month, kpi-report.
  4. I want the link to work as if I click on a customer-year-row in the webi-report, the Analysis report will open with all needed prompts filled in, and the Analysis report will present the report with no needed action from the user.

Webi-analysis.pdf (635.5 KB)