Webi report - Input control should be retained in All report Tab

Hello All,
we have requirement to apply input control in Summary Page and rest 13 to 14 Tab will get reflect changes.

Current Behavior of Report : The report input control applied in all the 14 Tab and the input selection in executive summary page varies as the user moves the subsequent tabs of the report and makes the user to select input control every single time as the user move from one tab to another.

I need to made input control selection in Summary Tab only and the Summary Tab should be retain in all the other Tab and get filter data in other Tab.

The objects are using for input selection are Division , Region , country , entity.
Webi Version : 4.2 SP3 and source is universe

Can you please guild me for creating Formula/variable or any process to accomplish this requirement ?

Instead of using Report input controls, have you tried using Document input controls?

Report input controls are defined on each tab and applied to just that tab whereas document input controls are defined once and apply to all tabs.

Thank you dtolley,
It’s working by applying document input controls on required dimension and it’s working as throughout document.

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