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WEBI: Multivalue Error on Concatenated Fields


We are getting a multivalue error when we concatenate two fields - ‘User’ and ‘User Group’ in one column.

This is the data we have: (Column 1: User / Column 2: Var_UserGrp)

|A1|Administrator, Analyst, Tech User, Field User, LOB User, Developer, BOBJ Tech, BOBJ User|
|B2|Analyst, Tech User, Field User, LOB User, Developer, BOBJ User|

Requirement is to concatenate the fields User and User Group in one column:
Formula used: [User] + “,”+ [Var_UserGrp] → resulted in multivalue error
User/User Group
A1, Administrator, Analyst, Tech User, Field User, LOB User, Developer, BOBJ Tech, BOBJ User
B2, Analyst, Tech User, Field User, LOB User, Developer, BOBJ User

Thanks in advance!

Are you merging dimensions or are both User and Var_UserGrp from the same query? Verify there is only one row per user, if there are multiple Var_UserGrp per user, that would cause this error. If there are multiples, you can turn off row aggregation to display both. Otherwise, you’ll need a unique ID and use it as the calc context.

You must go the fonction ‘in’ with that ‘in (User] + “,”+ [Var_UserGrp] ) . It’s the problem that context.

Hi dtolley,

Thanks for your response. They are separate dimensions from the same query. Variable Var_UserGrp is created to display all the User Groups in one row per User. It worked when User and User Group are in different columns but we are required to display just one column for both fields.

Just to confirm I’m understanding, Var_UserGrp is itself a variable created in WebI that is combining multiple group values into a single comma separated string? If so, I assume you are using filters and/or a max value to get just the final row. If that’s the case, you’ll need a calc context. But, it may be easier to leave the separate user and usergrp columns in your data block and just hide them so the user’s don’t see them.

Hi Lome,
I tried the In function as you suggested but it didn’t work. Thank you for your response/suggestion.

Hiding the columns is going to be your easiest route. If you want to try to use a calc context, you’ll need to provide more details on your variables, filters, and block structure. Depending on those items, a calc context may or may not work.