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[Webi] list filters of a report

Hi, I guess this is a SDK topic.
I need to list all the report that are filtering on a universe object.
I can already do it for the Queries via the 360 eyes but I am missing the filters in the detailled reports & charts (after the queries …).

I found some similar SDK topics but nothing that can go into the description of a reports (charts, elements, filters etc).

Any idea ?


mathieuBO (BOB member since 2011-01-06)

Which version of BOBJ are you running?

If you’re on a service pack of 4.0 or newer, you might be able to get this information on a report-by-report basis by using the Webi RESTful Web Services SDK. If you’re on 3.1 or earlier, you’ll have to use the Rebean SDK, which is available for both Java and .NET.


hilfy :us: (BOB member since 2007-04-16)