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WEBI Inventory Report

Hi everyone,

Once upon a time there was a code called (WID Scanner) that produce an Inventory reports about all the reports in the BO system with their Dimensions and Universe used

WID Scanner - downloads - BusinessObjects Board (

My question is , Is there a way to do an Inventory Reports with BO 4.3??

it will help me a lot when updating universes so I can easily find all effected reports and more

Thanks in advance :blush:

well there is one … not free … google for “360 suite” :slight_smile:

you can ask Jacco Boers, the builder of the ‘WID scanner’. Maybe it is also possible to use a REST service, never try it.

APOS Insight is another option. Also not free.

Good mornign,

Thanks @tom_kar and @nscheaffer for you suggestion I will give them a try :blush:

I believe that we can do some reports from BO system tables , I am still analyzing them :upside_down_face:

Thanks @nicothoen is Jacco Boers still here , do you know his @ name ?

I will be glad to contact him regarding this issue :grinning:

Thanks everyone

Hi all,

you might want to look into:

Not for repository insight, but for in-report variable usage insight.