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Webi free sql optional prompt error

Can any one see what’s wrong with this optional prompt that I am trying to incorporate in my free sql webi report? I can’t get it to validate.

(taxa.ttyp = @prompt(‘Enter Transaction Type’,‘A’,{’*ALL’},Mono,Free,Not_Persistent,{’*ALL’},User:0) or
{’*ALL’} = @prompt(‘Enter Trnasaction Type’,‘A’,{’*ALL’},Mono,Free,Not_Persistent,{’*ALL’},User:0))
(taxa.docn = @prompt(‘Enter Document Number’,‘A’,{’*ALL’},Mono,Free,Not_Persistent,{’*ALL’},User:0) or
{’*ALL’} = @prompt(‘Enter Document Number’,‘A’,{’*ALL’},Mono,Free,Not_Persistent,{’*ALL’},User:0))

Try changing the last parameter for your Enter Document Number prompt from User:0 to User:1.

Also, your prompt text needs to be identical for each object prompt. So Enter Trnasaction Type needs to be corrected.