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WebI formulas to Lumira


I have a report with WebI with a variable created from one of the dimensions. I am trying to do the same on Lumira but I am struggling. In WebI the formula would change the dates to just year depending on where the dates lie into a new variable.
Can anyone advise how I would do the calculation in Lumira? Going through the functions I have not seen one similar to Between that can be used in WebI

=If[Date] Between('01/01/2000;'31/12/2001) Then “00/01”
ElseIf [Date] Between(‘01/01/2001’;‘31/12/2002’) Then “01/02”

Thanks for the time and help.

waterphone (BOB member since 2019-05-28)

Hi waterphone,

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Are you using Lumira Designer or Discovery?

katullus :us: (BOB member since 2009-08-21)