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Webi download adding a confidential pop up

I’ve been told that my data is confidential and if a user downloads it from Webi I need some pop up saying its ‘confidential’, Im pretty sure there is nothing out the box to do this ? If nothing out the box any other options ? Im limited on customisations as its a shared BO instance. I was thinking to force every report to have the text ‘confidential’ in header is it possible to do this by default so every user new report a user creates has this ? Again its shared platform so its only my users and would need to be controlled by window groups.


You are correct that there is not anything “out of the box” that will do what you are asking about.

You can, and probably should, add a “Confidential” identifier on the report some where so that it is marked. This will only apply to reports that are printed or exported as the report. Reports that are exported as data only will not export the header or footer information.

There is some new functionality that links to Azure data security. The name of it escapes me at the moment that might be useful for you.

You may need to consider not allowing the users to download the data if it is very sensitive.