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Webi Crosstab not folding on all values

I have a crosstab in Webi (4.3), Columns are Month with breaks on Quarter and Year. Data for 2023 and 2024
If I fold everything it’s fine, but when I unfold the first Year and then the first quarter some of the other quarters unfold too.
Other crosstabs with the same structure on the same report don’t do this.
I’ve tried making a copy of one of the others and changing some of the variables to recreate this one, but when I get to the end suddenly this happens again!
Anyone got any idea what might be happening?

what exact version of 4.3 do you use ?
there is a lot of bug-fixing in the service-packs.
it is recommended to be up-to-date in the 4.3 releases.
did you search for possible notes in ?

Thank you, upgrades are well outside my remit, and I need to deliver this report this week, but I will ask the appropriate team to look into this.

Fortunately in the meantime I found a work-around.

The crosstab would fold if the only filters on it were “is null”. On this one I had a filter “>0”

Removing that condition was not entirely satisfactory bit it allowed me to carry on.

maybe some kind of error like this one:
3280083 -The hidden object values are displaying when try to fold and unfold the rows of a cross table with more than three dimensions in Web Intelligence report