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WebI and Outgoing Traffic Load Balancer


We have WebI 2.7.4 running on a standard Win2K server. One of our clients just began using a Load Balancer for outgoing traffic from their network. Essentially, they have 2 ISP’s that they can choose from. The load balancer directs the outgoing request to whichever ISP has less traffic at that point in time.

The problem we are seeing is that after they login in to WebI initially, they are occassionally prompted to login again (when their load balancer decides to switch to the other ISP), because WebI seems to think the session was lost. We think we’ve corrected the problem temporarily by setting their load balancer to always hit one ISP for our URL, but the client’s technical guys don’t like this approach. Apparently, they can’t make this selection on a per session basis to set a ‘sticky session’ (to stay on one ISP once it’s been selected for the duration of the session).

I guess my question is, has anyone else run into this? Does anyone know how WebI maintains it’s session state? Is it a client-side cookie (which shouldn’t care which ISP was selected)? Or is there something on the WebI server that keeps track of the user’s IP address? I know that the list of logged in users shows the client IP address, but is it actually used for session persistance?



ajunell :us: (BOB member since 2004-05-03)

Hi !
I have set a config like this one by the past with a Cisco Local Director and there was a sticky bit to set on the sticky machine.
Of course this cannot be done webi side as, when “entering” the system, it might need to change the http server to go to for another user and there won t be any way to keep a track of this.
So see if you can set the sticky bit on your Load Balancer. Unique way to do it.

Hope this helps

Correges and Smith

Correges and Smith :fr: (BOB member since 2007-02-26)