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Web Intelligence Report Linking with Hyperlinks

I have a Crystal Reports for Enterprise report that I am re-writing into Web Intelligence.

The report is written against the Audit database and contains the following report fields:

  • Universe Name
  • Last Used
  • How Many Times Used
  • User

In the Crystal Reports for Enterprise report, the User information is in the detail section with the Universe as a Group. This allows the report to be initially displayed with just a list of universes and then the detail can be expanded to see the users who have access that specific universe.

In the Web Intelligence report, I have the base report that lists the universe information (Universe tab).
I want to have the User information displayed on a second tab (User tab) in the Web Intelligence report based on the selection of a Universe in the first tab.

I have created an Input Control for the universe name on the User tab so that can be used to filter.

I haven’t been able to figure out, or find an example of, the syntax for the hyperlink to configure for the universe field to link to the User tab to only display the users for the selected universe.

I’m an Adminstrator, not realy a report developer, so I’m looking for some help with this.

Take a look at folding and unfolding with Web Intelligence.

With that you may be able to get what you need without messing with the hyperlink to connect to another report tab.

That would definitely replicate the behavior of the Crystal Reports for Enterprise report but after working with the Web Intelligence report, we decided we want the user listing to be on the second tab where it can be filtered for only one universe at a time to make it easier to provide a list of users for a universe. This would answer the question “Who is using this universe?”

I think we will still be looking for a way to utilize the hyperlink to switch to the second tab and have it filtered.

Thanks for the find though. I never think to search YouTube.

IntraDocument link with filter will (probably) be available in the upcoming 4.3 SP04

OK. Thanks for the information. Lets me know that at least I’m not crazy.

To @N8AKTIV’s comment, from a BOBJ webinar I am watching about what is coming in 4.3 SP04…

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