Web Intelligence Processing Service Number Running

I know that in older versions of Business Objects sizing recommendations it was allowed for there to be multiple Web Intelligence Processing Servers running per machine. Since BI4.2 at least, it is recommended to only run one Web Intelligence Processing Server per machine. I’m sure that some of you are still running multiple Web Intelligence Processing Servers on a single machine even though you are on BI4.2. What has been your experience with running multiple Web Intelligence Processing Servers on a single machine in BI4.2?

Hello John !

I have seen even on Customer BI4.2 platforms multiple Webi Processing Server services per nodes. One of the big advantage I see is that if one service is stuck (for example generating a 150 Mb PDF document…) then the others can handle the load.

In the case of a single service (maybe on a single node) then it much more dangerous!

Hi John,
We were running 4.2 in a single server environment hosted by a vendor. They actually suggested multiple WIPS, we had four!!, to deal with frequent crashes and had us limit the memory each could use. The reality was the server was inappropriately sized. We’ve moved everything in house, properly sized and configured the server and have only the one recommend WIPS. Things are running much better, fewer crashes, and faster performance across the board. We also used auditing to identify long running reports that clogged the queue and have worked to optimize them to run faster.

Thanks @dtolley, that is the kind of information that I am looking for.