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Web Intelligence parameter passing external url

I have a column called “Document No.” in a WebI report and want to hyperlink that column to an external URL passing the “Document No.” the user clicks on. Is there a way to pass the value from the dimension?

Example: “://”


Disclaimer: I am not a web developer. I may not use the exact proper terminology. Also, there may be multiple (and better) ways to do this, but this is how we have done it.

Create a variable that builds an HTML <a> Tag. I have found that I need to escape the double-quotes needed within it.

="<a href=\"" + [Document No.] + "\" title=\"\" target=\"_blank\" nav=\"web\">" + [Document No.] + "</a>"

Then just add that new variable to your table and change the properties of that column to “HTML” or “Hyperlink”.


I am not sure of the difference (HTML vs. Hyperlink) or if it matters in this case.

Hopefully, that gets you started and you can adjust this approach to meet your needs.


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Awesome. Thank you so much. That worked perfectly. I was struggling with where/how to reference the dimension.

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