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Web I 5.1.2 Admin panel issues


We have Web I 5.1.2 installed on Win 2000 server with SP4.Recently we tried building a test environment and everything else is working fine except Web I admin console.I’ve installed JRE1.4 but still it hangs up when userd/pwd are supplied.The error message displayed is Can’t connect to cluster manager.I have referred various topics posted here but nothing seems to be working with my environment.

Anyone could give e more tips to get this rectified.

Thanks in advance…


Dhruva (BOB member since 2006-11-14)


I was never able get that version to run well on SP4. I believe BO never supported SP4 for WebI 2.7.2 (5.1.2).

Steve Krandel :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-25)

Thanks Steve…

Could you please suggest me an alternative …Just would like to know is there anything i can modify my environment.

Thanks ,


Dhruva (BOB member since 2006-11-14)

No good ideas. Everything in the Admin panel can also be adjusted in some text files. But, it has been so many years since I have worked on a V5 system, that I don’t remember which ones.

Steve Krandel :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-25)