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VBAProject - -2147467262: Interface not registered 10000440


Getting a "VBAProject - -2147467262: Interface not registered 10000440

at the line “Set DesApp = New Designer.Application” of my VBA Excel project.

This works fine with old BO3.1 Windows 7 but not with BO4.2 Windows 10

On my Windows 10 machine I have Universe Design Tool installed and it worls well. Does this need to be registered?

If so how?

Hope you can help

ODPPOLL (BOB member since 2007-05-30)


try this (late binding):

Dim DesApp As Object
Set DesApp = CreateObject(“Designer.Application”)

It works for me with Win10/Bo4.2 .

SuKA (BOB member since 2018-10-20)

Outstanding! Thanks

ODPPOLL (BOB member since 2007-05-30)

I’ve had this problem for years, but this fixes it – thanks!

joepeters :us: (BOB member since 2002-08-29)