Values with Comma is not passing in Xcelsius

Hi All,
I had created a Xcelsius dashboard (in BO 4.2 SP7) using Qaaws query. I had added couple of Combo box on this dashboard. One of the Combo box is Employee Name which format is as below (First Name, comma Last Name) and when a value is selected Data is NOT refreshing (displaying Blank dashboard)
Employee Name:
Robin, Sen------Note After Robin there is a comma(,) creating an issue.
Evelyn, Carter—Note After Evelyn there is a comma (,) creating an issue.
Alexandria, Carter—Note After Alexandria there is a comma (,) creating an issue

Any help will be highly appreciate.

Philip (BOB member since 2006-03-02)

I don’t use QAAWS - I get my data via raw SQL database queries as XML. But even so, Xcelsius doesn’t process punctuation well, so I remove it all at query level and if necessary add it back in later.

If I can get away with a space in the end result, I’ll just replace the comma with a space and leave. If I need the comma in the dashboard, I’ll replace with a capital X or similar in the query and then replace back with a comma in the dashboard.


Debbie :uk: (BOB member since 2005-03-01)