Validation best practise job design


I do have an extract excel file generated from oracle program coming to my BODS Job Server location.
The requirement is to migrate data to SAP ECC based on mapping and validation requirement provided in a sheet.
Most of the validations say “validation against SAP table ABC. If the attribute is not valid, write to log and stop the job” etc.

I really need the best practices way to design such a job.
Please advise better option.

its_ranjan (BOB member since 2011-02-16)


Recommend you to take a look at the SAP best practice data migration solution.

JonasL (BOB member since 2010-10-27)

I do have BPFDM jobs SAP Market place. The job has map, validation and enrich process in each flows. The validation has look-ups, mandatory and format sections.
I hope these validations are as per the customers requrements

its_ranjan (BOB member since 2011-02-16)

Hi Saieshranjan,

As per SAP AIO jobs we have mapping data flow Where we are building the business rules , Validation data flow where we apply the validation like mandatory , format and look up. Here lookup we are checking against SAP check tables only. Next data flow enrichment means cross reference values implementation. It is also based on SAP values. Here one thing is missing after enrichment we are doing validation against SAP values . If you want you can keep validation against SAP in one data flow after enrichment dataflow. Here why SAP didn’t provide validation after enrichment because we are using migration services and we know SAP values in the migration services and we can map there for the all SAP values . Normal case we miss most of the legacy values while preparing the x refs . We need to capture the missing one using validation.

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Ramana :india: (BOB member since 2009-04-30)

Hello Ranjan,

could you help and direct where I can download these Jobs from?


lmcpara (BOB member since 2015-09-24)

Dear lmcpara,

If you have SAP support account and downloadable access you can download from the below link.

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Ramana :india: (BOB member since 2009-04-30)