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Using the workflow assistant in 4.3x

Has anyone tested the workflow assistant in 4.3x - seems still pretty uncomfortable and the documentations is not complete - could not find detail for the query objects in the admin docu -

  • Wobi

I have not and don’t know when I will get a change to look into it to see if there is anything useful beyond repointing Web Intelligence reports.

It looks like there may be enough changes from the BI Administration Console in BI 4.2.x that it may be an all new application. I would expect a fairly steep learning curve.

I still find it incomplete - you have a drag and drop UI but can’t drag the drops then…existing workflows are mismatching different approaches - select files via direct selection and then also via csv file …
some topics are not clear in usage - documentation has no hands on samples what for and howto… well as a customer i am happy to have wiiisdom products for this … as SAP customer I am not happy at all…