Using SAP DS to extract SAP ECC data

Hi, I’ve configured an SAP Application Data Store to extract data from SAP ECC. I used RFC as Transfer Method and Generate and Execute as ABAP execution option. This was great and was working fine until a copy of the production client was put into quality and the client became closed, not subject to changes which means that Generate and Execute cannot be used. How do you overcome this issue? Is it normal that quality is closed?

How can I proceed with my developments? It doesn’t make much sense to upload anything to the SAP ECC side which is not fully working and tested.

icebergue :portugal: (BOB member since 2018-06-12)


I believe you are using ADF. Now the process should be that the same should be developed and tested in Dev. Ask your Basis team to transport to QA and get it tested and signed off by business and transport it to Prod.

Regards. S

Shazin :india: (BOB member since 2011-07-19)