Using Object Names/variables in Email Body of the Publications

Hi Everyone,

Can we use the Object names / Variables of the Base report in the Email Body while creating the Publications.
If so kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Jagadeesh C

I would say no. They can’t be used in any email configurations for reports so I would assume they can’t be used with publications either.

maybe with 3rd-party tool e.g. „360cast“

You can use the field names and/or values from the personalization mapping in the email subject and/or message body. They’ll be listed in the placeholder pull down. The other standard placeholders are also available.

Here’s an example. Location is the mapped field.

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I stand corrected. :flushed:
That’s what I get for trying to answer a question for funtionality (Publications) that we don’t use.

Thanks @dtolley

please note … there are ONLY the destination-mapping-fields available as placeholder.
there are no other objects or variables from the WebI-report available in publication as requested by jaggu556 !

Thanks so much for restating exactly what my post says.

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