User unable to log on through normal method


I am working with a client who will be using BOXI 4.2 SP7 to view reports for our software

They use SSO to access our application, then the user id, static password and secEnterprise is passed to BOXI to view reports.
However, they are seeing a BOXI log in window (just user id and password), this is showing as a separate browser window (I think that is due to the browser settings), but as soon as they enter the log in details, they access Business Objects.

When they see the log in page, the call to Business Objects has timed out (showing 2.1 minutes).
Does anyone know what parameter needs to be extended to allow for this ?
I did see this,
Add -requesttimeout 7200000 To the Command Line parameters, restart the server and try again.
This made no difference, is there anything else ?

stevem :uk: (BOB member since 2008-10-27)