User Notification Promotion

Has anyone else tried to promote a User Notification Event from one environment to another using Promotion Management? When I go to the Event folder to add the Event Notification in Promotion Management I don’t see any of the User Notifications that have been configured.
Note that the Past Notifications folder is one that we created.

We often need to have the same user notification in all of our environments and being able to distribute them by using Promotion Management would be easier than creating them from scratch in each environment.

I haven’t tried using the command line to do the migration and don’t know that I have time right now to look into it.

Never tried, but just confirmed I see the same behavior. My events have all expired. Didn’t try creating a current/future event, so not sure if that makes a difference. Though no idea why it would. Guessing it’s “by design” behavior. 4.2 SP08 P01