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User Groups with access to create document cannot create WEBI report

I work for an IT dept that supports 3 different businesses. Each business has a DEV\TEST and PROD BO servers.

All 3 use windows AD and have been set up to use SSO.

In each business we have various AD groups set up which control what developers can do, people who can view and refresh only and people who can interactively create and author their own reports.

9 systems all configured the same and 8 out of the 9 working exactly as they should.

On the other system users who should be able to create their own content aren’t being able to. The system allows them to log in, select web intelligence, connect to a universe, preview the data being returned and then when they click run query it just hangs with a spinning blue cursor.

I’ve deleted all the WEBI Application security, rebuilt all the user groups, no joy. Completely lost for why this is happening. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


Did you try running a repair on the installation? I’ve found with Business Objects that sometimes there are files that don’t get installed properly. I think most people will blame anti-virus for this but I’m not sure.

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No hadn’t to but I might try that.

Doesn’t sound like a permission issue. You might need to redeploy the WebI app.
Have you tried using one of your working enviros and pointing to the CMS of the problem system? (Just change the CMS on the logon page.) That will use all the security and settings from the problem system but the web apps from a working system. If it works, confirms it’s not security or settings. If it doesn’t, then it is. You can also do the opposite, log into the CMS of a working system using the problematic web app. If working CMS has the same problem, additional confirmation it’s an app issue.

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