User Firstname, Lastname, Access Grant Date

Is there a report/query that can be run against the CMS database to get the Users Last name, First name and Access grant date?
I can get the username, UserID.


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By “Access grant date” are you referring to when the user is granted a specific access to content in Business Objects? If you are, I think this data is only captured in the Audit database and then only if you have turned on Rights Modification in Auditing.

If you are looking for the date that the user was created, you should be able to Creation Timestamp from some level in the BI platform CMS system database universe provided by SAP.

Thanks John - the Audit Universe I downloaded, doesn’t have the columns;
Do you have one that provides all the info.

There won’t be columns for Rights Modifications.
The Event Type ID is 10003.
Some Event Type IDs that match up are:
55 = Right Added
56 = Right Removed
57 = Right Modified
I assume that the right that was changed will be in the ADS_EVENT_DETAIL.Event_Detail_Value field but I haven’t looked into this particular data.