Url forwarder using index.jsp

Has anyone tried to replace %Tomcatdir%\webapps\ROOT\index.jsp with code to forward the default url to the FIORI Launchpad?

With the default installation of Tomcat, when you navigate to http://whatever.com you are taken to the Apache Tomcat homepage.

What I want to do is configure index.jsp to instead forward the user to http://whatever.com/BOE/BILaunchpad.

I tried configuring index.jsp as follows:

<%-- Redirect base login to the BI Launchpad --%>
String redirectURL = "/BOE/BILaunchpad";

This works great in our single server environments but when I deploy the code change to one of our clustered environments, all of the url links break. I do mean all of them. No CMC, no “classic” BI Launchpad, no Query Builder.

Can anyone help me on why this doesn’t work in a clustered environment? The code is deployed to all nodes that are running Tomcat.

sorry I read your topic again…
how does the urls break?

can there be seen anything useful in the browser developer tools / inspector?
Ill try it off the business hours on the test cluster

When you’re doing this for a cluster, you need to use the full URL for the cluster instead of the relative URL on server in order to get this to work.


I would get this when attempting any link:
Turns out that there was some sort of “health check” configured in the load balancer that was pinging the url of http://whatever.com. As a test this was disabled and then all of the links worked including the forwarder.

Hmm, we didn’t have to do this when we created a forwarder for the opendocument url when we migrated from XI3.1 to BI4.1 and it has worked since then and we have upgraded several times. Currently we are on BI4.2sp8.

I’ve just tried it and IMHO the redirect (from cluster URL) works:

The question might be: how is done the clustering - we use a loadbalancers for tomcat services not clustered tomcats.

Yes, this is how our servers are configured as well. We use a loadbalancer and no clustered tomcat servers. This could be the difference.