Upgrading Windows Server 2008 R1 with BO installed

We are planning to perform an upgrade of a Windows 2008 R1 box to Windows 2008 R2 for security reasons.

We tested the upgrade starting with a box restored from a backup of the target machine, but after upgrading the operating system SIA disappeared. Checking the windows registry we could not find a lot of SAP BO XI keys anymore.

Anyone succeeded with an in-place upgrade?

I want to say we did an in-place OS upgrade but I can’t remember for sure. We usually do OS upgrades in conjunction with a Business Objects version upgrade and a re-platform to new hardware.

If you are still on BO XI, you should really work on an upgrade. But you probably know that.

I’m surprised that whoever is forcing your upgrade to Windows Server 2008 R2 is okay with that as it’s pretty old now as well.