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Upgrading from 4.2 to 4.3 using the Promotion Tool

Why is the process of migrating multiple reports that has schedules as dependents using the Promotion Management Tool very slow and eventually hanging and not executing.
When we migrate 1 report at a time it works.
Has anyone faced this issue and what is the resolution.

Are you trying to use the GUI in the Central Management Server, the Promotion Management Wizard on the server, or the lcm_cli.bat command line utility?

The command line utility will be the most efficient for large promotions. Usage for this is described with sample queries in Pattern Book on Life Cycle Management - Promotion Management.

Thanks John. If I use the command line utility for bulk promotions, is there a command line or path to get to the CMS. What I mean is that if there is anything else I need to enter on the command line before the system name?

Use a properties file. See an example on page 87 of the link above.

Thanks again John. One last question, where is this properties file being called in the command line sql syntax.

Not from memory and I am busy with my own internal support right now. Search for the lcm_cli in the Administrators Guide. It has more information on using it.

yeah the lcm_cli can be pretty tricky… I think it depends on correct parameters combination, maybe also on a sequence. I used it mainy for export to .lcmbiar files

I also used GUI from CMC. it worked pretty well for me.
just -as you wrote- I had to copy not all at once I split it per folders (hunderds reports per 1 job). - then You should use Pull from higher version (4.3) and to avoid a permission issues Ive used Administrator account on both env.

Ive also created a new Adaptive Job Server just with Promotion management while the old AJS was disabled to prevent scheduled reports to be processed…

We always use the command line promotion tool when we upgrade. This works very well. In the last upgrade (4.2 => 4.3) we had to increase the heapsize (note 749879.
We create the property files based on the instructions in the Business Intelligence Platform Administrator Guide.