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Upgrade to 4.3 SP2 Patch 8 , WACS BI Launchpad shows "Internal Server Error"

Hi All … We’re now on 4.3 SP2 patch7 using WACS as web server , not Tomcat .

Since path 8 , I always get “Internal Server Error” while login to BI Launchpad after upgrading.
I’ve tried upgrade to 4.3 sp2 Patch8 , patch9 , 4.3 SP3 …
Even install a fresh new 4.3 sp3 patch 1 server , ( without Tomcat installed ) the result are the same.

I wonder if anyone using WACS only , facing the same problem ?

3294188 - “Internal server error” on BI Launchpad login using WACS

So it really is an Issue … under investigation.

inside CMC, web service REST app, enable relative URL check box and try again.